About Syd

Organic and fun, with a focus on salvaged and reused materials.

I am in awe of the world around us, both natural and built, and of the intersection between the two. When I'm inspired by something, I ruminate on it; researching, exploring, learning, until my work bursts from me. With my engineering background, my process is equal parts structured and organic. I design the outline of what I want to achieve, and let my hands find the rhythm and vision from there.

Presently, my work is mainly sculptural, utilizing found and scavenged material for shape and structure. The movement and detail is my work is achieved with layers upon layers of paper mache clay, formulated to be permanent. I'm drawn to sensory creations--think items that you want to run your hands along, rest your cheek against. My pieces stand alone as sculptures, but often incorporate lighting.

I am early in my art career, and so I know that my style and techniques will evolve as I continue to create. I am moving toward what moves me, exploring and learning, finding my throughlines. I’m thrilled and humbled that you're reading this, and letting me share a piece of my journey with you.


...and, if you're interested in learning a bit more about me, I sporadically blog: