Upcoming Events

The Gold Coast Art Fair, Chicago | 6/17 - 6/18

Past Events

The Other Art Fair Dallas

May 11 - 14th

Russ Rubin Collab

I'm so excited and humbled to have collaborated with artist, Russ Rubin, of the exotic woods of New Jersey.

Across the country from one another, Russ and I brought together his style (hypnotic and vibey and impossibly cool) to two 3D cacti, existing in an alternative universe landscape. These creatures were on display at Reeves Art + Design in Houston, Texas 12/10/22 - 1/7/22

The Procrastinator's Art Fair

Dec 17th and 18th 2022. A pop-up art show at a pop-up gallery.

Hundreds of you came out and purchased art from over a dozen local artists at my humble little pop-up gallery, Loose Change.

Thank you to everybody who supported with your attendance and purchases, and thank you forever to the artists who trusted me to sell their work.

OH HI CACTI Art Show & Open Studio

October 2022

OH HI CACTI was my debut collection of cacti sculptures. All sculptures were staged in the Loose Change Pop-Up Gallery, and I had an open studio featuring some smaller works. There was a fire pit, and colorful lights, drinks, and fun people.

Thank you genuinely to every person who showed up to this show, and helped spread the word.

A special thank you to my mom, Nan, my sister, Rory, and my partner, Nate, who spent DAYS helping me prepare for this show. I couldn't have done it without them.


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